Teaching Online Physical Education

January 15 - May 1

August 15 - December 1

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This is the official site for the Teaching Online Physical Education Online Course via the Internet sponsored by Bonnie's Fitware, Inc.

Course Description

This course introduces you to teaching K-12 physical education online. It starts with a look at the continuum for teaching online starting with online resources to teaching hybrid courses to teaching completely online. Students will learn about online lesson and activity design, online assessment, blogs, chats, wikis, and forums. Students will be asked to design one lesson to be taught completely online. They will use the tool set available in Moodle system to create and post their lesson online.

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:

1. Differentiate between the various options for online teaching.

2. Describe the Moodle learning management system.

3. Evaluate lessons produced by commercial online services.

4. Describe how to teach an online lesson.

5. Plan an online lesson.

6. Post an online lesson


Textbooks and/or Other Materials

Mohnsen, B.S. (2012). Using technology in physical education, 8th edition. Big Bear, CA: Bonnie's Fitware Inc.

Course Sessions


Online Learning Experiences


The Spectrum of Online Teaching and Learning


Online Learning Tools


Online Courses


Creating your Own Courses: Planning an Online Learning Experience


Creating your Own Courses: Publishing an Online Learning Experience

Methods of Evaluation

1. Completion of 6 online modules.

2. Write a one-page essay on the spectrum of teaching online.

3. Describe each of Moodle's online learning tools.

4. Write an evaluation of commercial online physical education courses.

5. Write a one-page essay describing how you would deliver an online lesson.

6. Create an online lesson for student use.

7. Post an online lesson for student use.


For additional information, contact: Bonnie Mohnsen, Ph.D.