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June 2015                                                                                   Bonnies Fitware Inc.

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Gamifying Your Dance Instruction

It's not a great secret that many Millennials and Zeds engage in game entertainment. Many rely on online video as a key source of game information and entertainment.  Through this social media gamers access a wide variety of content produced by both game companies and individuals that enable them to research games, advance through them, and engage with the gaming community. Does this sound a lot like 21st Century Learning? To engage with Millennialls and Zeds in physical education class, teachers might try meeting them where they are choosing to spend their time. Increasingly, their time is spent with online video.

One sight you might use with your 7-12 grade students is Just Dance 2014 Playlist by AverageAsianDude on YouTube. With over one hundred videos to research and select your dance unit could provide a truly student driven learning experience.  

Marie Crosby, Pre-Candidate Ed.D.
President and CEO, Bonnie's Fitware

We have completely aligned our lessons, task cards, portfolios, and instructional software to the new National Physical Education standards and grade level outcomes. We have the resources you need to implement our quality physical education program that will provide your students with knowledge and ability needed to maintain active, healthy lifestyles.
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Apple Watch vs. Microsoft Band

The Apple Watch and the Microsoft Band are both released now so lets compare the two. Both products are about the same size. As far as durability goes the Band is all one piece so if something breaks on it the whole thing has to be replaced, while the Watch is separate from its band.  Both devices have about the same battery life. One nice feature of the watch is that when you turn your wrist to look at the screen it automatically illuminates itself where the band you have to push the power button. With the band you can delete any app that comes with unlike the watch where native apple apps cannot be deleted. Also the Band supports Windows phone, Android, and IPhone but does not require a phone to be used. Finally the price of the Band is $200 and the least expensive model of the watch is $350.  Buy any Grade Level Assessments and receive a free Standards Based Assessment and Grading in Physical Education: K-12 (plus shipping and handling of $8.95).  Email after your Grade Level Assessment purchase to receive your book.   This easy-to-understand guide and reference book Using Technology in Physical Education provides complete information on how to use current technology to improve the quality of physical education classes. Designed specifically for teachers to make their teaching easier and more effective in the classroom, the book explains in simplified terms, and with the use of illustrations, how to evaluate and select from the many technological innovations on the market, and how to set up and use the equipment. It offers suggestions to teachers about how they can increase student participation by making their classes more fun, and how they can minimize the amount of time spent on tedious administrative work and maximize the time for quality instruction. The different types of technology covered include: fitness testing equipment, videocassettes and laser disc players, camcorders, computers and computer peripherals, telecommunications hardware and software, computer-assisted instructional software, and multimedia systems.

Our books are developed for educators and anyone else interested in utilizing emerging technologies and innovative practices within Physical Education.
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With apples new vision for laptops which is thinner and as few ports as possible USB-C may replace thunderbolt and lightning. Thunderbolt was promised to replace USB. It is bigger and faster than USB and made it possible to connect high resolution displays to a MacBook. Thunderbolt never really caught on except for high end applications and hasn't been promoted for PC. USB-C can duplicate Lightnings ability to send data and power devices. Lightning is a Apple only standard while the new USB standard will probably become the universal method for connecting mobile devices. USB has already caused the demise of Apples FireWire. It is looking like USB will retain its hold as the favored connector.

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Concussion Prevention

The concern over concussions today is huge.  Increased attention to head injury has caused growth in tools to gather data about head injuries. A neurological assessment app has been developed by X2 Biosystems that scores players on confusion, dizziness, memory, and concentration. It also adds a deeper level of analysis based on a players history with concussion. Sensor technology is being used to record every impact a player absorbs. Ridel has designed a helmet with sensor technology in it that measures the severity of a impact and notifies sideline staff if it is greater than a pre-determined threshold. To read more about concussion prevention click here.


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