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Back to School Curriculum Special - 25% off for September

Use Coupon SEPX2014 at check out for a 25% discount off all products in the following categories:

This includes lesson plans, some task cards, and electronic portfolios.

Discount is available now through September 30, 2014.

Getting to Know Games Complete Instructional Software

Appropriate for grades 5-8.

This software provides information (text, graphics, 3d images, video) on Early American Games, Ancient Games, Medieval Times Games, and modern Track and Field skills, techniques, strategies, training, and teamwork. It addresses all national and state standards related to games and track and field, including the areas of aesthetics, benefits, exercise, facilities and equipment, history, motor development, motor learning, psychology, rules, skills and biomechanics, sociology, and strategies.

The software includes numerous interactive labs that address game strategies, motor learning concepts and principles, biomechanics concepts and principles, and an analysis lab for track and field.

This program is perfect for in-school instruction as well as online instruction.

Site licenses cover every computer on your campus plus students may install copies on their personal computers. No additional fees - no licensing - you own the software for your site.

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How Do You Use Technology in Physical Education

Submit a two to three paragraph summary of how you are using technology in physical education to Bonnie Mohnsen no later than September 15, 2014. The top submissions will win a heart monitor or pedometer, and will be published in the Using Technology in Physical Education newsletter.

August Winner

Patty Kestell - see article below

September Winner

Michael Burk - see article in September newsletter

How I Use Technology in Physical Education by Michael Burk

BrightLink for CHS Physical Education

Throughout the 2013-14 school year, our physical education department at Capital High School began using an Epson BrightLink projector to enhance the way we present our lessons. The year before, I watched a math teacher using Smartboard in his teaching. I was determined at that point to have some similar technology in my gym! From the onset, administrators and IT personnel said we could not have this equipment in the gym. It would just get broken. Luckily, one of our librarians introduced me to the Epson line of products.  We chose to purchase the Epson BrightLink 485 Wi low throw wall mount projector and built a large white board area with plywood and special white board paint.  This system is near a corner of our gym that is rarely inhabited by activity that could harm it. Our maintenance department custom built a metal cage for protection, and with one year of use, absolutely no problems!

The way we are currently using the system is generally through air-play via iPads.  Anything we view on our iPads can be run through the projector. We show video, diagrams, notes, Keynote presentations, apps such as timers and spinners, and play music. No matter what we want students to visually see, we can display on the white board. The projector has interactive annotating pens that come into play next. Just as you would use chalk or white board markers, we use the pens to write, draw, highlight, emphasize, etc... For example, last fall we were teaching the long jump. We found a nice short video clip to view. We were able to start/stop the video at any time to emphasize a point. We used annotation to illustrate foot plant, knee drive, head up, etc. From that point we sent our students to practice long jump indoors off of spring boards into thick crash pads. This progression truly reached visual learning styles prior to any actual attempts at long jump!

The units we teach will all (over time) be presented, in part, with the aid of the iPad and BrightLink projector. Physical education lessons are generally taught in progression and each lesson contains small segments of a larger picture or unit. History, safety, court/field diagrams, equipment, fundamentals, procedures, etc…. are some of the topics discussed in these units. We use standard whiteboard presentation as well as interactive presentation through use of the BrightLink. Our imagination is the only limit to the way we can use this teaching style. Overtime, I do expect that this will be a daily teaching tool for our department. I will need to seek opportunities to learn some of the many ways educators use these tools through inservice or other professional development.

Michael Burk

Editor Note: Take a look at the instructional software at the end of this newsletter for ready made content!

Elementary Letters, Numbers, and More Task Cards

Task cards come as PDF documents on a CD or in digital format. They print at 8.5 x 11.

Includes the entire alphabet, numbers, shapes, operators, directions, hands, feet, and colors. Over 60 cards.

Sites have permission to reproduce these cards as needed.

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Siri Commands - Talk to Your iPhone

"Email Mrs Washington about the meeting tomorrow at 9:00 am."

"Check email."

"Read my notifications."

"Where is Mr Greene?"

"Directions to the district office."

"Where is Kinkos?"

Middle School American Dance Task Cards

Task cards come as PDF documents on a CD or in digital format. They print at 8.5 x 11.

Twenty task cards for use in the teaching of a Middle School American Dance unit. Each card includes the name, picture, and description/critical elements.

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Excel Tips

Learn a few new functions to increase to Excel capabilities:

=AVERAGE (RANGE).To round a number to two decimal places, your can use =ROUND(CELL,2).
=COUNT (): Counts all numeric entries in a range. Nonnumeric values will be skipped.
=COUNTA (RANGE) to include nonnumeric values instead..
=RANK (CELL, RANGE), which returns the rank of a given cell within the specified range.
=NOW() Inserts the current date and time, which is then updated each time the spreadsheet recalculates.
=TRIM(CELL): If you work with text that you copy and paste from other sources, there's a good chance you'll find extra spaces of the beginning or the end of some lines of text. The TRIM function removes all of those leading and trailing spaces but leaves the spaces between words.

High School Soccer Task Cards

The task cards come on a CD in PDF or as a digital download in PDF. Sites have permission to reproduces these cards as needed.

The set includes 49 soccer task cards (skills and drills) and 21 skill related fitness task cards.

Click here for more information.

Fitness: Muscle Task Cards

The task cards come on a CD in PDF or as a digital download in PDF. Sites have permission to reproduces these cards as needed.

Forty task cards that contain either the name of the muscle or a picture of the muscle (for matching).

Click here for more information.

Research Works

Reed, J. (2009). Examining the impact of an email campaign to promote physical activity and walking in adult women six-weeks and one-year post-intervention. ICHPER-SD Journal of Research, 4(1), 64-69.

Participants received weekly Walking Tips Intervention e-mails for six weeks. Follow intervention: a significant increase in weekly mod intensity. Post-intervention the percentage of participants who walked 5 or more days significantly increased. Minutes of walking per day increased significantly. The percentage of respondents reporting to exercise regularly for 6 months or more significantly increased

Using Technology in Physical Education Podcast

All of our podcasts/vodcasts are posted here.


Are You Backing Up? Are You Updating Your Software?


Q and A

Q: What do you recommend for monitoring student's physical activity?

A: Yamax Accelerometer 611. Click here for more information.

Grants and Fundraisers

Safeway Foundation

The Safeway Foundation supports numerous youth development organizations as well as a broad range of after-school and physical education programs. Local grants are reviewed biannually. For grant requests that are national or multi-regional in scope, requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Grants awarded range between $2,500 and $10,000. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: Rolling

Lowe's Tool Box for Education

For more than 65 years, Lowe's has supported the communities we call home. At a time when schools and community groups are struggling to support the basic needs of their communities, the Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation recognizes the importance of financial support.

This year, as a foundation, we are challenging ourselves to seek ways to provide the tools that help our educators and parent groups through today's challenging times efficiently, while providing the greatest impact, with basic necessities taking priority.

September Web Sites

Brain Breaks

Body Systems

Tobacco Webquest

Be Healthy

Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum

We have completely aligned our lessons, task cards, portfolios, and instructional software to the new national physical education standards and grade level outcomes outcomes. Spend some time this summer getting to know our curriculum. Click here for access.

Movie on our Elementary Physical Education Curriculum:

Movie on our Middle and High School Physical Education Curriculum:

The movie (above) address the California version; however, we have both a California version and a National version. The National version is specific to the National grade level outcomes and common core links.

Instructional Software

We have completed our Sport Complete Instructional Software and Health Related Fitness Complete Software which may be used for live instruction, online instruction, flipped instruction, or hybrid instruction. Here is a comprehensive list of our instructional software.

The instructional software is aligned to our PK-High School Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum (including task cards and posters) as well as our Grade Level Specific Electronic Portfolios. We are currently ensuring that all materials are aligned with the new grade-specific outcomes published by AAHPERD.

Instructional software is not simply a video presentation. Instructional software includes text, video, animations, and 3D images. Additionally, instructional software is interactive. Each title includes numerous interactive labs to reinforce concepts, understandings, social skills, and motor skills. We are in the process of uploading demonstration versions which will be available at demos.html.

Using Technology in Physical Education - 8th edition

The eighth edition of the popular book Using Technology in Physical Education is now available. Everything you need to know about technology in the field of physical education. Includes information on spreadsheets, word processing, desktop publishing, web, pedometers, heart monitors, virtual reality-based exercise equipment, software, electronic portfolios, e-learning, and much much more! Lots of step-by-step directions and photographs showing how things work! Cost $49.99.

Check out our support page with videos and agendas for undergraduate and graduate courses.
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Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Computer 101
Chapter 3 - Text-Based Documents
Chapter 4 - Data Manipulation
Chapter 5 - Using Images
Chapter 6 - Using Videos
Chapter 7 - Using Audio
Chapter 8 - Using Telecommunications
Chapter 9 - Instructional Software
Chapter 10 - Assessing Student Learning
Chapter 11 - Measuring Devices
Chapter 12 - Interactive Devices
Chapter 13 - Online Physical Education
Chapter 14 - Improving Instructional Delivery
Chapter 15 - The Future of Technology





College Level Assessment in Physical Education Course or Personal Professional Development

Standards-Based Assessment and Grading in Physical Education, K-12

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Includes hundreds of assessment ideas and rubrics for all six national standards. Adaptable to state standards.