Letter from the President/CEO

Dear Valued Colleagues,

I love to rollerskate!. I started rollerskating when I was four years old and still take my family rollerskating. So as we were skating this last weekend my now 23 year old son said to me, "I don't ever remember not being able to skate." That is because he started when he was 2 years old. He made this observation after observing so many children and adults who could not skate. To the right is a picture of myself and my youngest daughter, Aurora from this last weekend.

So I thought I would share this news story, Tampa roller skating rink offers STEM program. Would you teach roller skating as part of your curriculum? Should schools offer roller skating as part of their physical education curriculum? Have you ever thought of roller skating a a STEM project? Take our roller skating survey and be entered in a contest to win a set of elementary, middle school or high school muscle task cards.



See you at the rink,

Marie Crosby, Pre-Candidate Ed.D.

President and CEO, Bonnie's Fitware

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Using Technology in Physical Education - 8th edition

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The eighth edition of the popular book Using Technology in Physical Education is now available. Everything you need to know about technology in the field of physical education. Includes information on spreadsheets, word processing, desktop publishing, web, pedometers, heart monitors, virtual reality-based exercise equipment, software, electronic portfolios, e-learning, and much much more! Lots of step-by-step directions and photographs showing how things work! Cost $49.99, 25% off for the month of January February $37.49.

Check out our support page with videos and agendas for undergraduate and graduate courses.
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Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Computer 101
Chapter 3 - Text-Based Documents
Chapter 4 - Data Manipulation
Chapter 5 - Using Images
Chapter 6 - Using Videos
Chapter 7 - Using Audio
Chapter 8 - Using Telecommunications
Chapter 9 - Instructional Software
Chapter 10 - Assessing Student Learning
Chapter 11 - Measuring Devices
Chapter 12 - Interactive Devices
Chapter 13 - Online Physical Education
Chapter 14 - Improving Instructional Delivery
Chapter 15 - The Future of Technology










College Level Assessment in Physical Education Course or Personal Professional Development

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Standards-Based Assessment and Grading in Physical Education, K-12

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Includes hundreds of assessment ideas and rubrics for all six national standards. Adaptable to state standards. Cost $29.95, 25% off for the month of January February $22.46.



Windows 8 Tip

Windows 10 Release Coming Soon

Windows 10 is set to release in 2015. For Windows 8.1 users it will be free for one year, but Windows 7 users will still be able to upgrade directly.

Macintosh Yosemite Tip

Record your iPhone or Ipad output

Create a tutorial, walkthrough or just project your iPhone or iPad screen onto your Mac's display. With Yosemite all you need do is attach the device to your Mac via USB and then open QuickTime Player. Then select File > New Movie Recording. QuickTime will default to your Mac’s iSight camera, then click the small down arrow alongside the record button and your iPad or iPhone will show-up as an option.

Elementary Muscle Cards

Task cards come as PDF documents on a CD or in digital format. They print at 8.5 x 11. Sites have permission to reproduce these cards as needed. This set includes 60 task cards on 30 muscles. Half of the cards contain the muscle's picture and the other half the name.

Click here for more information.

High School Basketball Task Cards

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Task cards come as PDF documents on a CD or in digital format. They print at 8.5 x 11. Sites have permission to reproduces these cards as needed.

Click here for more information.

Google Drive Tips

Attach Google Drive files on Gmail

Because Google Drive is linked to your Google account, you can attach files stored in Google Drive directly to your Gmail.

Unlike traditional attachments where you first have to upload an attachment, attaching a file through Google Drive does not require you to re-upload the file. The filesize limit does not apply since a link is given for the email receiver to download.

High School Badminton Task Cards

The task cards come on a CD in PDF or as a digital download in PDF. Sites have permission to reproduces these cards as needed.

Click here for more information.

Fitness: Short Jump Rope Task Cards

The task cards come on a CD in PDF or as a digital download in PDF. Sites have permission to reproduces these cards as needed.

Click here for more information.

Using Technology in Physical Education Podcast

All of our podcasts/vodcasts are posted here.

Q and A

Q: Should students be permitted to use their phones in school?

Take our survey and we will post your answers in the next months issue.

Grants and Fundraisers

AstraZeneca - Connections for Cardiovascular Health

In support of its overall mission to improve health, the AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation launched Connections for Cardiovascular HealthSM (CCH), a program with the mission of improving cardiovascular health in the United States. CCH provides annual grants of $150,000 to $180,000 to U.S.-based nonprofit organizations engaged in charitable work at the community level in the United States in support of the program’s mission.

Active Learning Center Grant

Each Active Learning Center grant will cover the furniture, integrated technology, design, installation and post-occupancy evaluation for one of three classroom types designed for 28 - 32 students. Eligible classrooms must be in the United States and Canada, serving grades 6 - 12 or within a college or university. Grants are valued between $35,000 and $50,000, plus all of the innovation and inspiration born of active learning.

Deadline: February 27, 2015

Lowe's Tool Box for Education

For more than 65 years, Lowe's has supported the communities we call home. At a time when schools and community groups are struggling to support the basic needs of their communities, the Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation recognizes the importance of financial support.

This year, as a foundation, we are challenging ourselves to seek ways to provide the tools that help our educators and parent groups through today's challenging times efficiently, while providing the greatest impact, with basic necessities taking priority.

February Web Sites

#PhysEdSummit 2.0

On February 21st the #PhysEdSummit 2.0 will be coming to a screen near you. The #PhysEdSummit, is a free professional development opportunity made specifically for physical education professionals by physical education professionals.  It will be a LIVE presentation pushed through YouTube. Since all sessions will be live, the audience will have to choose which session they would like to listen to/watch. All sessions will be recorded and posted to the PHYSEDagogy YouTube Channel for others to view after the Summit.

5 Things Every Teacher Should be Able to do on YouTube

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning show the important things a teacher should be able to do on YouTube.


The Science of Sport

This interactive site address the science of sport.


Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum

We have completely aligned our lessons, task cards, portfolios, and instructional software to the new national physical education standards and grade level outcomes. Spend some time getting to know our curriculum. Click here for access to the new national standards.

Movie on our Elementary Physical Education Curriculum: http://software/demos/Elemcurr.mov

Movie on our Middle and High School Physical Education Curriculum: http://www.pesoftware.com/demos/MS_HS.mov

The movie (above) address the California version; however, we have both a California version and a National version. The National version is specific to the National grade level outcomes and common core links.

Instructional Software

We have completed our Sport Complete Instructional Software and Health Related Fitness Complete Software which may be used for classroom instruction, online instruction, flipped instruction, or hybrid instruction. Here is a comprehensive list of our instructional software.

The instructional software is aligned to our PK-High School Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum (including task cards and posters) as well as our Grade Level Specific Electronic Portfolios. All materials are aligned with the new grade-specific outcomes published by SHAPE.

Instructional software is an interactive environment with video, text, animations, and 3D images. Each title includes numerous interactive labs to reinforce concepts, understandings, social skills, and motor skills. Check back often to see demonstration versions available at http://www.pesoftware.com/ demos.html.