Using Hulla Hoops as Interval Timers

Looking for a fun interval timer? Try using Hula Hoops. Have the kids spin the hula hoop and the do an activity while the hula hoop is spinning.

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PEP Grant Information

This year is likely to be the last year for the PEP Grant. The Deadline for the application is My 20, 2016. Here is a list of documents and resources to help in applying for the PEP Grant.

West Orange School District Documents Innovative Physical Education Course

WEST Orange, NJ - Sit-ups, push-ups, running, and learning game rules....these can be activites that young teens dislike doing in gym class. Physical Education teachers at Edison Middle School Decided they should come up with a program that students would actually want to do.
The Phys Ed/Health teahers -- Robert Berke, Corinn Giaquinto, Bryan Azzato and Meredith Schwartz -- worked together to come up with an educational unit that would incorporate skill related fitness componets in a fun way, and the sports combine was born.
"At each department meeting, we share best practice lessons as a way to spread great lessons across the district," K-12 Supervisor of Health and Physical Education Kevin Alvine. "After watching the teachers at Edison teach this combine and seeing how much fun their students had with it, I asked the Edison PE staff to explain and teach the lesson to the rest of the middle school and elementary stafff at one of our meetings."

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Using Technology in Physical Education

This easy-to-understand guide and reference book Using Technology in Physical Education provides complete information on how to use current technology to improve the quality of physical education classes. Designed specifically for teachers to make their teaching easier and more effective in the classroom, the book explains in simplified terms, and with the use of illustrations, how to evaluate and select from the many technological innovations on the market, and how to set up and use the equipment. It offers suggestions to teachers about how they can increase student participation by making their classes more fun, and how they can minimize the amount of time spent on tedious administrative work and maximize the time for quality instruction. The different types of technology covered include: fitness testing equipment, videocassettes and laser disc players, camcorders, computers and computer peripherals, telecommunications hardware and software, computer-assisted instructional software, and multimedia systems.

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Physical Activity program at WIS Engages Students early in the day

While morning gym activities that get students moving before the school day begins are now routine at Waseca Intermediat School, they began with a simple observation.
"I saw everyone who came in in the morning just sit at tables," said physical education teacher Beth Bogen. "There were kids who came to school sometimes as early as 7 in the morning and just sit."
Bogen, along with fellow physical education teacher Tony Scheid, began to think about how to get these students spending their mornings more productively.
"My whole thing is, how can i get them engaged so they're ready to learn?" Bogen said
The solution was to open the gym up for a variety of scheduled activities, allowing students to get an active start to their day. To Bogen, this is beneficial from an educationl standpoint.

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Fitness Report Software

Looking for an alternative to Fitnessgram for a small school(high school, middle school, or elementary) or single physical educator. Well look no farther - this program is your answer. It includes the following test items: curl ups, push ups, pull ups, modified pull ups, flexed arm hang, walk/target heart rate, mile run, pacer, shoulder stretch, back saver, sit and reach, trunk lift, skinfolds, and body mass index.

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Standards Based Assessment and Grading in Physical Education Edition 1 50% off now $14.98

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Bonnie's Fitware Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans align to the National Physical Education Standards and Common Core. Provided in a database for easy searching and editing. The product is a site license, every teacher at a site may have his/her own digital copy. The lessons include specific links to grade level standards and unit level standards, assessments for each unit standard, skill and activity descriptions, and suggested exercises.

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New Books Available

Books are available as and Ebook or in hard copy for $10.00 more.

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Developing the Standards-Based Physical Education Curriculum $9.95

  • Steps necessary to turn national/state exit and grade level standards into a usable curriculum
  • Selecting instructional units
  • Writing grade-level standards
  • Integrating other subject areas
  • Determining the yearly plan
  • Developing unit plans
  • Developing lesson plans
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Standards-Based Assessment and Grading in Physical Education, 2nd edition $29.95

  • Aligning the assessment to the standard
  • Developing assessment tools
  • Choosing scoring systems
  • Creating rubrics
  • Designing a standards-based grading system
  • Creating student portfolios
  • Lots of examples!
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Creating a Standards-Based Physical Education Environment $9.95

  • Setting up the physical environment
  • Selecting facilities and equipment
  • Protecting yourself from liability issues
  • Working together as a department
  • Creating a student handbook
  • Creating an inclusive environment
  • Maintaining positive discipline
  • Developing social skills
  • Designing class rules and procedures
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Teaching Standards-Based Physical Education $9.95

  • Understanding students
  • Motivating students
  • Creating interesting and meaningful learning experiences
  • Looking at how students learn
  • Creating learning experiences that are brain-based friendly
  • Creating learning experiences aligned with motor learning research
  • Looking at how each student learns differently
  • Improving your teaching effectiveness
  • Planning each lesson
  • Using time effectively
  • Providing model demonstrations and explanations
  • Providing effective practice
  • Providing quality supervision and feedback
  • Treating students equitably
  • Choosing the appropriate teaching style for your learning outcomes and class
  • Using station teaching for effective instruction
  • Using cooperative learning for teaching motor skills and social skills
  • Working with limited-English-Proficient Students
  • Using effective reading and vocabulary teaching strategies
  • Working with students who are differently-abled
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The PE Geeks Top Apps for Physical Education Teachers

Sing Song Yoga
I'm a big fan of exposing students to a wide variety of physical activity opportunities and have never shied away from including activities that I personally have no expertise in teaching. With this in mind, I always look out for resources, which I can use to outsource the technical teaching to, making it possible for me to provide a great experience for my students by harnessing someone else's expertise. SingSong Yoga enable me to do exactly that with a beautifully produced HD Video program that enable users to choose a PreProgrammed Sing Song Yoga Sequence by simply dragging them to the Sequence Canvas. These then play as a seamless video. Such a great way to introduce younger students to the amazing benefits of Yoga.

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