Physical Education Teach Uses Technology to Push Students Harder in Gym

It motivates kids, teaches them about wellness, and even makes classes more fun. One Minnesota middle school is using new technology during physical education. In Shane Vanbeek's physical education classes, every jump, every kick, and every throw, now has a number. "This allows everyone to see their instant feedback and how they're doing throughout class. "Those numbers represent heart rates, recorded in real time. But this isn't your typical heart rate monitor. "The blink armbands connect with the bridge which connect to the iPad, connected to the projector." That projector displays every student's beats per minute on the wll for everyone else to see. "If my friends heart rate is lower, then you gotta encourage them to bring it higher."

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Using Technology in Physical Education

This easy-to-understand guide and reference book Using Technology in Physical Education provides complete information on how to use current technology to improve the quality of physical education classes. Designed specifically for teachers to make their teaching easier and more effective in the classroom, the book explains in simplified terms, and with the use of illustrations, how to evaluate and select from the many technological innovations on the market, and how to set up and use the equipment. It offers suggestions to teachers about how they can increase student participation by making their classes more fun, and how they can minimize the amount of time spent on tedious administrative work and maximize the time for quality instruction. The different types of technology covered include: fitness testing equipment, videocassettes and laser disc players, camcorders, computers and computer peripherals, telecommunications hardware and software, computer-assisted instructional software, and multimedia systems.

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Trending: Changing the "Cullture of Games"

Are you one of the 22 million people who has seen the video, or others like it, shared on social media this week? It is almost the definition of a viral video as I have seen plenty of non #physed teachers sharing it on their social networks and it keeps on popping up wherever i look. When you saw it did you think "what an awesom game!" and then tell yourself that you simply must play it in you #physed class tomorrow? As physical educators we all love new games and activities and I'll admit when I saw it and my immediate thought was something along the lines of "the kids will LOVE that game!" This game is well and truly trending amongst #physed classrooms worldwide this week if the tweets, Voxer messages and Facebook posts are anything to go by. Now I am not disputing that this game is great, however it did force me to get off my couch on a Tuesday evening and bust out this blog post. I'll warn you now...this may not be the blog post you wanted to read and you may look at me and say, "Whatever Nathan, it's just a fun warm up game!" I agree, this game would be a fun warm up game to use with classes of any age. This blog post is a not about THIS game, its about a bigger issue, its about the "culture of games" which pervades physical education classrooms around the world. This "culture of games" exists in our physical education history and will exist in our physical education futures unless we are prepared to acknowledge that it exists and take steps to create better physical education experiences for our students.

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Fitness Report Software

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Gym Class Technology is a Game Changer

Cameron High School has been expanding student fitness options for the past several years, offering courses far more evolved than joggin or dodgeball? Prior to the new building opening in 2013, the West Virginia Rural Health Education Center introduced a series of healthy initiatives in the state. As part of the program, the department funded a new "exergaming" facility through the Be Healthy Now Community Initiative. The term "exergaming" refers to video games that also provide a way to exercise.

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